Business Consulting

Do you have these thoughts?

  • I seem to be doing everything right; however results do not match business expectations
  • I have an established business, however I face low profit margins
  • I seem kind of stuck and not sure what is wrong with my business
  • I am thinking of getting a web based solution for my business but not sure whether to go ahead or not. I don’t know how   would this solution help my business

If you are persistently bothered by these questions then we are here for consultant

  • We get your strategy checked and find out the vital change which is critical to achieve your next level of growth.
  • We analyze your business structure and identify areas to improve your profitability in a sustainable manner.
  • We help you identify critical gaps to fix your problems.
  • We help you in identifying  how to use the technology to your advantage by using it to optimize your business operations and at the same time reduce the overall operating costs.

Our clients recognize the value of our integrated approach that leverages both domain and technical expertise to devise the right solution for your needs. Our consultants have experience building business strategies for:

  • E-Commerce Application Development
  • Forum Development
  • Custom Content Management Systems
  • Global requirements gathering

Our consultants help transform businesses by enhancing productivity, unlocking innovation and driving corporate performance.


Gluck Technologies

We are enterprise level product and applications development company specializing in developing high end scalable software and smart phone products and advanced applications.